smartness knows no weather

As well stated by the majority That,' Smartness knows no weather.' To me that is more of theoratical than practical unless your leave within the tropics where the sun scotches like fire.Here in africa where the pearl of africa Is its name UGANDA, the sun shines like There Is no tomorrow. Well known That in some countries a glimpse of sunlight Is craved for like a cake.The days I hated at school were mondays and wednesday because ties had become tie s on So hot days.Though the lecturers Never wore ties how did they expect us to do So. With this website you Will get to know what types of wear Is good for this and that climate. Imagine a girl wearing a too much lipstick on a scothy day. Oops the red area past the chin, ooo....and you are like Is That a démo...If you are a pretty chic do not try That on a hot Day, you Will get So dissapointed I believe. Do not ne like thèse chics who wear heavy rain wooly boots.